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Autos with EVs (electric vehicles)

For the history of automotive technology, and EVs in particular, see e.g. the article « The Automobile, Electric, The Story of Technology’s Next Great Car » by Carl Court.

Most EVs are not made for (or have been designed to not use much) supporting a communication interface between the car and other devices; exceptions to this are e.g. Teslas, Smart fortwo. For cars that are made for that interface, it is usually merely a J1850 communication interface (IEEE 1284). Further, most automotive electronics don’t typically open any communication interfaces on the ports; they only open the communication interface for the car seat (via which the driver uses a seat interface to control the car). If the car is using a large AC-DC power supply or a form of battery management system, or has very dedicated (non-standard) electronics, they may use a parallel port to communicate directly with a fixed computer or other peripherals; the Lotus Elan EV, and the Renault Zoe are examples of this.

In an EV, the battery is usually the only power supply. The control electronics of the car are limited to the following three classes of circuits

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