Medicina Contaplus Elite 2013

Medicina Contaplus Elite 2013



Medicina Contaplus Elite 2013

9. Buscar en Cadastro Rebanho Embora nossa luz que vc conseguiu. 659974e61ef3. Medicina Contaplus Elite 2013 – Página 113. descargar .Immunocytochemical studies on the topography of type II iodothyronine deiodinase in the rat brain.
Type II deiodinase (d-II) is present in the perikarya of almost all cell groups in the rat brain. Type II d-II activity has been localized to cytoplasmic vesicles, which are in direct contact with the nuclei. Some of theses vesicles contain a pore-like opening in the nuclear envelope. The present study was designed to determine whether these vesicles are associated with nuclear chromatin, and if so whether they are nucleoprotein complexes. For this purpose immunocytochemical studies were conducted using antibodies that recognize the tissue non-specific polypeptide (PNP), which is a major protein component of the vesicles. The results showed that PNP immunoreactivity was present in vesicles in close association with chromatin. These results suggest that type II d-II may be involved in the regulation of nuclear hormone receptors, in particular the thyroid receptors.Q:

jQuery or Prototype – Bind event for dynamically added span

I am adding a series of spans to the dom. Each span has a unique id. On page load, I want to bind an event so that if an element with the id « tagid » is clicked, the html in a span with the id « target » is hidden and the html in a span with the id « target2 » is revealed.
I tried this:
$(document).ready(function() {
$(‘#tagid’).click(function() {

However, it only works if the span is defined in the document ready function. If the span is dynamically added, then it will not be added to the document ready function.
Is there any way to do this with Prototype or jQuery?


This is a classic problem that can and will lead to an all kinds of global pollution, since you don’t want the clicks on the span elements to be prevented


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