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Why I cannot upgrade the BIOS using AMI’s floppy disk?


Use AOLE to open the AMIBCP.exe’s folder to verify if there is a folder named _4.53.0_ which contains the desktop.ini file. Open this file and look for the [BIOS Folder] section. The line must be something like this:
[BIOS Folder] « C:\Users\UserX\AppData\Local\AMIB\_4.53.0_\trunk\default »

Next step, open the BIOS folder in Windows Explorer. This file should be in it somewhere. If it is not, then you can manually create the folder. (If it is there, it should have a lot of files) Right-click on it and click on « Open with Explorer ». Look for the desktop.ini in the [BIOS Folder] section and change the value of the path to the path where the BIOS folder is located (in your case C:\Users\UserX\AppData\Local\AMIB\_4.53

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