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Timestreams is the name of several fictional characters, places, and technologies in the Doctor Who »s television series.

In the programme, the name is a pun on the name of the fictional Time Lords, who are the omnipotent and immortal lords of time.

Show topic

The Timestreams interface shown in the programme is highly stylised, and designed to put the user at the heart of the experience. The interface of the show Doctor Who.exe was created using Adobe Flash which is usually written in ActionScript.

Narrated by the Doctor and played by David Tennant, the program is sometimes able to show the current time in the Doctor’s time-travelling TARDIS. In one episode of the series the Doctor gives a summary of the TARDIS history by using a special console. In another episode a timeline is shown of what has happened in the TARDIS. This is called a timeline and uses the same device. The word timeline comes from the Greek, meaning something that is recorded or written down in sequence.

It has also been found that some TARDIS doors, called « Impedance Control Doors », are Timestreams-compliant. The Doctor uses the interface to open the doors to different parts of his (and, in a later episode, Missy’s) TARDIS. « Timestreams-compliant » can also be interpreted as « timeless-compliant », which means that it keeps its shape no matter how long the TARDIS is travelling in time and space.

After the regeneration of the First Doctor into the Second in 1971, the Doctor lost much of the power and influence that he once had as a Time Lord. However, in an episode of the same name written by Russell T. Davies and first broadcast on 20 March 2006, the Doctor and Martha Jones can still use the Timestreams interface. Martha, however, is less skilled than the Second Doctor.

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Doc Roberts on Timestreams

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