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Tricked out, must to do it again!  .
I hope you understand my choice for my favorite drive through, the car has to be full trimmed. I want no run cars!  .
so, I have to turn the steering back and the neutral if you have the best car, because of this, I like to have a car with a lot of acceleration and brakes.  .
I have to turn in the target to reach the finish line, because on one corner round, you can go right, right, right, left, left, left, right and back to where you’ve started.  .
I have to do a lap of 4, even though I can go much further. I love using the 180 degrees turn on the very last corner.  .
the roof and bumpers must be painted too. I like a nice bumper too, but not too much, because it can look ugly.  .
I prefer the white roof, but I can’t choose a white roof, so I prefer a grey roof.  .
For the roof I prefer the vinyl roof. The glass roof looks better but looks ugly and impossible to maintain.  .
I’ve got to love a car with all the speed. I also like the spoiler, but not too much. Just enough to show a little bit of the rear of the car.  .
But for the roof spoiler, because I love having a car with the Aryan. I don’t like it too much, because you need to fix it regularly.  .
But I like the car with the sunroof, it adds another level of detail and looks cool.  .
I prefer the car with the automatic transmission, because you can go on longer and you don’t have to move.  .
I can’t go with an automatic transmission, because I

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Nov 2, 2018 .
Thank you 🙂
Nov 14, 2015
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How do I bypass « You have reached the maximum number of permitted opened files »?

I have a JavaFX application that reads data from multiple files, when I run my application from Eclipse I get the following error in the output window:
Exception in thread « main » /home/tim/workspace/MainApp/test.txt (You have reached the maximum number of permitted opened files)
I believe that there is a setting in Eclipse to set the maximum number of files that a program can have open, I cannot figure out how to access this in my Eclipse setup.
I have Googled everywhere and tried turning off all Eclipse settings like maximum opened files and Garbage collection. The error still exists.
Has anyone else encountered this and solved it?


Just delete your eclipse workspace and start it again. That will be a fresh configuration with no corrupted preferences.


Why am I getting a null response for Spark SQL Join with textUDF on column with -(hyphen)?

The code I use is:
var tbl1 = spark.sql(« SELECT id, name, surname FROM test_table »);
var tbl2 = spark.sql(« SELECT id, name, surname FROM another_table »);
val a = tbl1.join(tbl2, Seq(« id »))
val x = a.selectExpr(tbl1.col(« id »), tbl1.col(« name »), tbl1.col(« surname »))

This code causes the following error:
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: println needs a message
at scala.runtime.ScalaRunTime$wrapExceptions(ScalaRunTime.scala:290)
at scala.runtime.Scala

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