Sherwood Dungeon Pet Hack V.1.0 ((TOP))


Sherwood Dungeon Pet Hack V.1.0

The story begins with our famous heroes Valerio, Natalia, Anji and their loyal companions Tia and Buck, as they set off on the quest for their fortune.Through many trials and adventures, they face powerful and curious creatures and mysterious monsters.The heroes often have to survive in dark dungeons, where the only source of light and life is the mysterious yellow orb called the Light of El.The world of Sherwood is full of dangerous dungeons and evil monsters, and there’s no magic weapon to fight them with.The only option is for the heroes to prove their skills in close combat.
Download the latest and best version of Dungeon Pets Hack V.1.0 for iOS & Android for free! This app has unlimited features and is highly optimized and safe to use. Features:
How to install:
1. Download and install Apk (Update the app)
2. Sign up as a user of Sherwood Dungeon Pets Hack V.1.0
3. Go to the Home screen
4. Press the Menu button and select « Setting ».
5. Select « Unknown sources » then select « Allow ».
6. Press « Allow ».
7. Sync the Play Store & Google Playstore.
8. Tap on « Install ».
9. Tap on « OK ».
10. Start playing or open the app.
11. An anti-robot warning message will appear.
12. Click on « OK ».
13. Tap on « OK » again.
14. Tap « Ok ».
15. Tap on « Ok ».
16. Enter a Game Center or Google account
17. Ensure that « Unknown sources » is turned on in Settings
18. Click on « Done ».
19. Tap on « Register »
20. Select a Hero Name
21. Select a Hero Rank
22. Select the Title of your Hero
23. Tap « Next ».
24. Tap on « Next » once again.
25. Tap on « Done »
26. Tap « Done » once again.
27. Tap on « Confirm ».
28. Tap « Confirm » a third time.
29. Tap « Done ».
30. Tap on « Confirm »
31. Tap « Confirm » a third time.
32. Tap « CANCEL ».
33. Tap « Cancel » once again
34. Tap « OK »
35. Confirm
36. Tap « CANCEL »

Official Sherwood Dungeon Pet Hack by Optixoft!
A new cat friend, that you can fight, and talk to.
How to download:
1. Download the « Sherwood Dungeon Pet Hack (V.1.0).apk ».
2. Install the « Sherwood Dungeon Pet Hack (V.1.0).apk » to the device.
3. Enable the « Unknown Sources » option in the Settings of the device.
4. Wait until the game is downloaded.
5. Run the game and follow the instructions of the game.
6. Play the game.
Lots of weapons to find. You’ll need all of them!
Kill all spartans (BOSS FIGHT).
You can select your own sprite by tapping the Edit button on the sprite then choosing the Sprite of your choice.
Hero’s Award:
Max Money:
Slow time:
Disable credits:
No Ads:
Reset Party Points:
Control your mouse:
Click on a found item and from the pop up menu « Scan » to get a full description of the item. To remove or delete the scanner just deactivate it.
Removing the party badge:
Search for Sherwood Dungeon and remove the party badge from the party as described in the description of the item.
Enter « counterhack » and select « yes » when the control panel comes up.
To see screenshots of your captured items send me a PM on PSN, post a link here, or contact me at: If your username is on my radar, I’ll personally review the screenshots and send you my thoughts.
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