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AeroTile is a portable app that adds glassy backgrounds to system folders and places them on your Windows desktop to give you ready access to these folders.
Whenevr you want to change the look of your PC, this application can give your desktop a new feel.







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AeroTile can make your desktop look like a real flat screen. After installation, the app lets you specify the folder and the size. It can then download a new background image and place it in that folder, adding the tile background to your desktop.

Network Performance and reliability of your computer and network.

3. Network Extender status
4. Monitor your network by status. Once the process of installation completes, you can find it in the Folder where the install package was located.
The process is fairly simple with easy to use interface. You can use it like a regular Desktop Wallpaper.

AeroTile Features:
1.Change your Desktop Wallpaper
a. Put your wallpaper on one folder on the desktop and then select the size, the larger the size of the folder the larger the desktop wallpaper will be.
b. You can also change the size of the wallpaper if you want to add more transparency on the widget.

2. Back to the old look
If you want to be back to the old look of your Desktop just Remove the tile wallpaper.

3. Select a folder on the Desktop to change your wallpaper on the folder.
4. Help
If you want to contact us you can write to us at:
If you have any further question regarding our app, we are always there to support you, please do write to us.

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AeroTile is a portable app that adds glassy backgrounds to system folders and places them on your Windows desktop to give you ready access to these folders.

How to Setup and Use AeroTile (Desktop Stickers)
1. The first thing to do is download AeroTile on your PC. Make sure you download the right version for your system, for example, if your system is running Windows XP, you need to download the AeroTile XP version. So do not download the Windows 8.1 version.
2. Extract the downloaded file and a single folder named as ‘AeroTile’ will be created.
3. Double click on ‘AeroTile’ folder to begin the installation. Follow the instructions.
4. Once the installation is complete, close the program and start the AeroTile.
5. On the main screen, you will see different backgrounds for Desktop Stickers.
6. Select the background you want to use. Once the background is selected, click on the ‘Add’ button.
7. On the welcome screen, press the ‘Next’ button to create a Desktop Sticker.
8. Select a screen resolution in 800×600 and click ‘Next’ button.
9. The desktop will appear with the new background on it.
10. You can use the desktop sticker by placing it in a desired folder. Once you need to change the background, you just need to replace the sticker from a desktop folder.

AeroTile’s features
1. The application gives you the choice of selecting different colors for backgrounds.
2. The application allows you to edit the theme of the desktop.
3. You can easily remove a desktop sticker from the desktop or the system folder.
4. You can change the position of the background.
5. The application has an auto-clean feature which automatically removes desktop stickers after a period of time.
6. You can drag the desktop sticker on the other folder, so you don’t have to change the sticker.
7. You can choose the different components of the background.
8. The background image can be easily replaced from the different folder.
9. You can remove all the stickers at one time.
10. The application is very light in size (0.27 MB).

AeroTile Direct Links:




AeroTile application for Desktop is new Windows 7 AeroGlass (GUI) adware that appears as a wallpaper or screensaver. It runs on the desktop using the Windows theme engine. This simple Windows tool will customize your desktop with new screens and pattern. It can change the visual appearance of the desktop, such as the desktop background, menus, taskbar, and icons.
AeroTile Features:
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server, Mac, Internet Explorer and Firefox (if you have Java enabled), Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Media Player, Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader and other programs.
The application that will introduce three windows on your desktop: a new desktopper or screensaver, an application that will ask you to download. The second window is also a desktop pattern or background picture, and you can specify the image as a folder in which several photos and graphic files. Select images from your computer and choose to add it to your desktop.
AeroTile will make changes for the background of your screen, or the desktop screen:
★ – It can choose the desktop picture as an image to change the appearance of the desktop.
★ – It can make the desktop your screensaver or wallpaper background.
★ – The menu can change their style of the Windows, including desktop backgrounds.
★ – The system tray button of the system can be completely hidden.
★ – Your taskbar buttons, Start menu buttons, screensaver, control panel, and more.
★ – It can change the color of the background and menu text.
★ – The entire desktop can be changed to different colors.
★ – The words that appear on the desktop can be changed.
★ – The application can change the color of the desktop icons and the applications that you run (opening, using, etc.).
★ – Windows Explorer and the system at the bottom of the desktop can be completely changed.
★ – The application can provide new screens and pictures of the system.
★ – The application can change the position of the system, including the system menu.
★ – The application can add pictures on the top panel.
★ – The application can add a background and screensaver, slideshow pictures and more.
★ – Every edition of the Windows can be customized with the application.
★ – It can change the fonts, fonts, fonts.
★ – It can change the size of the letter size.
★ – It can add the desktop clocks

What’s New in the?

• Aero Tile settings can be shared between all your computers.
• Number of aero tiles can be set.
• Aero tile settings in the desktop are also supported by Windows Vista and Windows 7.
• Profile, Exist and Select button can also be customized to suit your Windows needs.
• The title bar can be disabled by changing the system parameters.
• Aero Tile can be customized to suit your needs.
The desktop can be made any color, any size and can be placed anywhere on the screen, as you desire.
• You can add as many as you wish to a single desktop.
• You can create the desktop as you like and place it anywhere on your screen to suit your needs.
• Aero Tile sizes can be changed according to your needs.
• Windows can be also be customized to suite your needs.
• You can keep all the system files of your PC hidden and only view them when you want to.
• Multiple thumbnails can be created for system folders.
• You can also add multiple shortcuts to a folder and have access to the contents via the aero tile.
AeroTile User Guide:
1. Follow the instructions here to install Aero Tile:
2. Create the desktop you want to give a unique look with Aero Tile!
3. To change the setting
* Go to Tools->Options->Aero.
* Click on the System tab and then click on the button to change the setting.
* The title bar can be disabled by changing the System parameters.
* The aero tile is the square area that appears as the desktop background after the setting is applied.
* Aero Tile can be customized to suit your needs.
4. To create a new aero tile!
* Go to Tools->Add New Tile.
* A new blank tile will be shown on the desktop after applying a new setting.
5. To delete aero tile.
* Go to Tools->Delete Tile.
* Any aero tile that is on the desktop will be deleted immediately.
6. To Change Aero Tile setting
* Go to Tools->Options->Aero.
* Select the tile you want to change.
* Select the folder you want to apply the new setting.
* Click the button to Apply the setting.
7. To disable the title bar.
* Go to Tools->Options->Aero

System Requirements For AeroTile:

Windows XP/Vista, 7 or 8
10 GB of free disk space
DirectX 9 compatible graphics card (D3D9-capable)
First, download the game, and run it. When the setup is finished, choose the option to play game and continue.
Note: The default input method is WASD for movement, Ctrl+Shift for aiming, Mouse for taking photos. If you use another method, you need to change the settings for each controls.
Here are the instructions

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