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– Search the website for a license key, download the software, install it, go to the online help page, log in using your license key, and follow the instructions.

– Required: An Internet connection is required to download updates, and to periodically re-validate your license. Re-validation is also required if the license expires. Licensing Information

Requires an active Internet connection

More Features:

– Every host that you have defined is organized in a Tree View or List View, and you can select and add hosts from the list.
– Add hosts from a file or directory
– Enable, disable or exclude hosts from monitoring
– Select interfaces that you want to monitor
– Specify ping timeouts
– Copy, paste or open hosts from the results list
– Work with several hosts at once
– View status and check latest results
– Capture traffic, ICMP messages, pings, DNS requests and errors
– Monitor your websites
– Display detailed logs
– Filter hosts by Name, Group, Status and Type
– Create users
– Send emails, attach files and form mail,
– The Toggled screen option is also available. It can be used to hide or show the starting and ending time at the bottom panel as well as top panel.
– Backup the schedule
– Copy the output result to a file
– Export all hosts to HTML and Plain Text format,
– Edit the time
– Export data to HTML and Plain Text format
– Automatically run at windows startup
– Automatically remove old logs and data
– Turn on and off sound notifications
– Read the online tutorial

Customer Reviews:

• Working, easy to use and reliable. Â
• All components are also priced at a very fair rate.
• The documentation is clear and concise but only covers the basics.
• Some of the options seem to have been simplified for a beginner and/or less complete than I was expecting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2012

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by schoenye


worked perfectly

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unfortunately, problems using this software,it doesnt work for me

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Agatasoft PingMaster Pro Crack [32|64bit]

Automatically monitor network connections, websites, servers, and routers, while also providing you with alerts and detailed logs. Clean feature lineup You are welcomed by a multi-tabbed environment that allows you to easily switch between the key features of the program, namely host setup options, online monitoring capabilities, configuration settings, and logs. Set up a single or multiple hosts You can add a host by providing details about the name, IP address or domain name, and description. In addition, you can save it in a group and pick the host type, such server, router, personal computer, link, website, Wi-Fi router, Cisco, or switch. You may enable or disable several monitoring options, such as ICMP, HTTP, and SNMP checks. When it comes to notifications, you may set up audio alerts (WAV or MP3 file format), send emails, or show ICQ notifications. Keeping an eye on multiple hosts can be done by specifying a range of IP addresses. In addition, you may start or stop the monitoring process, turn on or off sound notifications, edit or delete hosts, and filter hosts by name, type, IP address, description, or status. Monitoring features You can view latency and traffic graphs, select the interfaces that you want to monitor, apply multiple changes for one host, and view information about the monitored hosts, such as name, IP address, event count, description, last down state, and downtime. You can also ping or traceroute the host and view log data. Configuration settings You can run the utility at Windows startup, trigger alerts in case the program detects a custom number of failed checks, specify the ping timeout, and automatically delete logs and traffic monitoring data that are older than a user-defined number of days. In addition, you can export the list with hosts, show popup alerts, and save logs to plain text file format.

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PingMaster Pro

A smart, easy-to-use multi-purpose network monitoring tool, with offline, online and alert management. Ping Master Pro 9 is reliable tool for one-time or recurring monitoring. Its clean and user-friendly interface can help you quickly and easily configure, view and manage your network connections and servers. Setup hosts at once or add them later from a list, view details and monitor online activity of each

Agatasoft PingMaster Pro

The complete Agatasoft ChatMaster / ChatMaster Lite / ChatMaster Basic, Open ChatMaster, and Online Meeting System bundle. This is an Internet platform that allows users to interact via the Internet, without having to install any additional client software on their computer.
ChatMaster is a data communication and collaboration solution for organizations that allows real-time text, video and audio chat. The current version, ChatMaster XT, offers end-to-end encryption, both for the Real-Time Communication and for the Chat history.
The ChatMaster Lite version allows the access to the chat histories as well as the real time communication. The current release (V5.0) supports the end-to-end encryption.
ChatMaster is fully integrated with Microsoft® SharePoint® 2007.
ChatMaster is used as an Internet platform that allows users to interact via the Internet, without having to install any additional client software on their computer. ChatMaster uses the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology for the Real-Time Communication, and the RTCWeb standard (Real-Time Communication Web standard) for the chat history. End-to-end encryption and cross-platform compatibility are the main benefits of ChatMaster and their security and compliance features are some of its additional benefits.
The functionality of ChatMaster consists of three main sections: Chat Communication, Chat History, and Chat Management. ChatCommunication is the real-time communication, ChatHistory is the chat history, and ChatManagement provides the administration part.

I installed Pingmaster successfully.
As there is a problem with the WiFi and it is unstable, I decided to use the Wi-Fi icon from Pingmaster to see if I can detect the network problem. However, the WiFi is detected as being unstable, which I guess it is because of the Wi-Fi icon.
When I tried to switch to the next screen, there was an error message that says:

« Unfortunately, PingMaster has encountered an error. The program was not successfully installed. The application cannot continue. Please check if the installation path is correct and that the application has the correct version. »

Would I be able to restart the program?


I think that it is not a problem of the PingMaster or the router, probably you have a stability problem in your network.
I suggest that you check the router configuration:

Is it working properly?
Do you have a power outage?
Do you

What’s New in the?

The Agatasoft PingMaster Pro is a free monitoring tool that you can use to monitor live webpages, websites, and IP addresses. Whether you are monitoring a single website or a whole network, PingMaster Pro is sure to help you keep tabs on your IP addresses and websites from anywhere on the Internet.
The main windows of the PingMaster Pro offers you a list of monitors and monitors that are currently active and available to check. You can also create and add monitors to a monitor group by using the provided tabs.
You can also click the monitors and monitor’s load speed to check how busy they are. The utility also offers a speed test that you can use to test the speed of a single monitor or the monitor’s ability to handle a heavy traffic load.
You can also use the built-in features of the tool to ping an IP address or website using the online monitoring tabs of the PingMaster Pro. The ability to ping a website means you can check for existing errors and identify the load speed and status of the website, as well as view the IP address of the website. You can also check the status of a website and view the results of the ping in real time.
You can also use the built-in SNMP monitoring features of PingMaster Pro to check the status of a server and view the results of the ping, as well as view the name, IP address, and other details of the connected server.
Tools and Features:
• Monitor multiple network devices and websites in real time and in graphical user interface (GUI) mode.
• View detailed results of the ping performed on a website.
• View your online reputation and status with IP reputation and real-time IP Checker.
• Automatically check websites, IP addresses, servers, etc. for security issues.
• View the details of your network.
• Track the status of a website.
• Ping a website and view the results of the ping in real time.
• Check the status of an IP address or a server.
• Upload and download pings to and from a website.
• Monitor your Internet bandwidth.
• Screen captures for error diagnosis and documentation.
• Show internet speed.
• Add monitors to monitor groups and view their information in real time.
• Generate automatic alerts in case of network problems.
• Add and manage monitors.
• Copy and paste monitors to monitor groups.
• Create monitors and monitor groups by using your FTP account

System Requirements:

3.75 Ghz Pentium III or faster
Windows XP
4096 MB RAM
5GB HDD or larger
DirectX 7
DVD drive or 5.1 Surround Sound
Audio input capabilities
Internet Explorer 6.0, Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera
(Compatible web browsers are currently supported only on the 64-bit edition)
4K support requires the NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 and/or AMD Radeon™ HD 3000 or higher graphics cards, as well as at least Windows® 7 Professional or Windows 7

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