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A free tool for Regression Analysis

cp-r: The Chemical Patology tool for R™ is an open source software for chemical data and cheminformatics. Chemical patology of common chemicals with their properties, experimental, and combinatorial methods and exploratory data analysis (EDA) is in this package. Because of its open source status, you can share or re-use the code. There are visualizations for 1D and 2D data.
A user-friendly package based on R (www.r-project.org), integrated to a collection of over 50 different tools for chemical and cheminformatics.
Features :
– Cheminformatica
– Data visualization
– Regression Analysis
– Multivariate Linear Regression
– Principal Component Analysis
– Annotate chemical structures from network structures
– Enrich chemical features with EDA methods
– Build isosteric clusters
– Calculate descriptors for machine learning
– Database Searches
A free package for data analysis and chemical cheminformatics[The effects of single-institution oncological treatment on primary rectal and colon cancer after incorporating consensus to guidelines for postoperative adjuvant therapy].
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Cp-R: Chemical Patology R

cp-R: Chemical Patology R, written in R, is free and can be downloaded from the ChemPatology website.
cp-R is based upon the well-known GNU’s stats package and the excellent data.table package. cp-R is among the simplest and most powerful package for performing linear regression.
The following list gives an overview of features.

multiparallel processing
option to load data from a tab separated file (a CSV)
option to load your data using any of the data frames from the Bioconductor library
option to export the user data and the regression table as a tab separated file
a very fast regression algorithm
unlimited number of regression and plotting parameters
an ability to easily perform several regression plots at the same time

The application can be downloaded here:

Required Software:
While the application can run on any operating system that supports R, some of the R packages will need to be installed before using the application.
For Windows:

R 2.15.2 or above
R Foundation for Statistical Computing (version 2.15.2)
R-Studio version 0.98.874.364 or above

For Linux/Mac:

R version 2.15.2 or above
R-Studio version 0.98.874.364 or above

The application has multiple functions, including the following.

linear regression
lm (lm(x,y)), glm (glm(x,y))
lm: (x,y) – X matrix of explanatory variables and y vector of dependent variables.
glm: (x,y) – X matrix of explanatory variables and Y vector of dependent variables.

deming (Mse=0.0)
This is the most popular method for linear regression.

regression with constants
The R package provides the constants option for the data frame. This option is very useful for the regression of the constant in the variable(s).

linear regression and plotting

linear regression plotting
line, and its plotted counterparts

regression plot
residuals plot
line of identity


Cp-R: Chemical Patology R With Registration Code

cp-R, the Chemical Patology R, is an application that shows the difference between two linear regressions.
It’s based on R programming language.
Rcode available on our web site:

But it doesn’t show Difference plot.
How to Show Linear Regression Difference Plot in R?


Here’s an example of how this might be done:
#Load the package
#Register the package

#This function is the reproducible model and requires the following data as input:
#treat x1 x2 x3 y
#1 1.01 2.05 3.02 10.09
#2 1.39 2.31 2.92 11.46
#3 1.10 2.42 3.43 13.05

#This function takes the above data and the variables for which you want to
#regress as input

What’s New In Cp-R: Chemical Patology R?

CP-R is a software application designed to aid the Chemical Patology user in order to perform linear regression, deming and passing Bablok.

The application is written in the R statistical programming language and uses the add-on packages provided by the R Foundation.

For each case, the user is required to enter the variable values of the case, the choice of regression method (linear, deming, line of identity) and the method for assigning the case to the regression type (the case is an individual point on the plot). The result of the regression is displayed in the form of a scatter plot, residual plot and list of residuals.

In the output, the user is required to assign the results to a table where the columns represent the variable values and the rows represent the number of cases of each regression type.

The final stage of the application is to show the line of identity and the difference plot, where the value for each plot is a string which is the reference value for that case.

The application is also capable of generating the residuals plot and difference plot where the value for each plot is a string containing the calculation of the residuals.

CP-R: Chemical Patology R Features:

• Performs linear regression, deming and passing Bablok.

• Generates scatter plot, residual plot, error bars, residuals plot and the list of residuals.

• Assigns individual cases of each regression type.

• Shows the line of identity and difference plot.

• Provides a table with all regression types.

• Shows the statistical summary.

• Prints the output to the R console.

• Contains an XLSX export of all output.

• Can generate and plot Residuals, Slopes and Intercepts.

• Graphical output is all text, all the user needs to do is change fonts and sizes.

• Performs Bablok Plot and Bablok Plot with Confidence Interval.

• Shows Deming regression and passing Bablok.

• Supports the addition of a standard deviation to the regression line.

• Can graphically be used within the same environment as the regression.

• Support for the Excel format.

System Requirements For Cp-R: Chemical Patology R:

Download the Enhanced Edition for FREE
Windows OS: Win 7 or newer
Mac OS: 10.9 or newer
Linux: latest Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian
NVIDIA: GTX 770, GTX 780, GTX Titan, or GeForce 8×0
AMD: Radeon HD 6950 or newer
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 or newer
Recommended: Max 1024×768 screen resolution
If you are running the build on a Mac, you need the latest version of the NVIDIA drivers (361.






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