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Many of you following along the way will have seen the screenshots that were leaked from the Amazon RDS instance. There are a lot of screeshot of the database and the rest of the Amazon infrastructure. That’s not all though.

The database in question is: db-h2-catalog-db-snapshot_20121112190720

This is an Oracle Database instance that is connected to MySQL instance that’s in turn connected to the HBase table. As you can see in the screenshots HBase is running a snapshot of the RDS instance data.

The instance is still active, the connection is still live and the data is still there. Even the brand new instances are running the exact same snapshots in exactly the same manner.

In fact, if you restart the instance the entire data will come back to life. I have restarted the RDS instances hundreds of times and the instance state and data have never changed.

It’s perhaps interesting to note that a snapshot of this database only takes up 0.00200GB, the same as a single MySQL table. This entire database would fit comfortably within just one Amazon Aurora cluster, and with a single cluster you get 200GB of storage space and 25GB of usage.

That’s essentially one hundredth of an instance, and yet with the metadata stored you could load and keep the entire data set cached in RAM if you wanted to.

It’s not surprising really that the data could be shared amongst the HBase cluster. Some of the data appears to be the same for all of them and some of it appears to be only for certain instances. What’s interesting is that they are all running the same snapshot.

The good news is, it’s public. The bad news is it’s been leaked and because of this there are also a lot of information to pick through.

I have collated and will continue to add to this as I pick through the data. This is not the end-all of data I will be working through, however it’s a large data dump. You may find some nuggets of interest in there.

I’ve added a google docs spreadsheet here for anyone to look

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Storm Brewing, again

Sunday was quiet, with just a storm brewing in the distance. At noon, we heard the rumble of distant thunder and could see the lights of the developing storm. We wondered what time the first rains would hit.

Sunday evening, it began. The sky turned black, and the trees began to sway. As the storm continued to grow, the boys were up before me this morning. Our morning routine is interrupted every time a thunderclap explodes; I think the sound frightens our four-legged companions.

Only one more day.

I still haven’t determined when I’ll publish my next written post. I usually publish on the same day that I write. This time, I’m not sure when the next edition of this blog will be published. I’ll post again once I figure it out.

It’s hard to believe that we are on Day 17 since Hurricane Harvey made landfall. While the

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