GOM Studio Free Download [32|64bit]

GOM Studio makes it possible for anyone to create their own personal broadcasting station, allowing live streaming to some of the most popular video hosting websites. Alongside the live streaming component, the package also deploys a screen recording and capturing application to help you create tutorials and videos on the spot.
Broadcast to YouTube, Twitch and other servers
No advanced configuration is required to create your first broadcast, although it is recommended to take a glance at the tutorial in case you don’t succeed in connecting the encoder to the server you are sending data to. The instructions there will surely be of help.
The first step is to configure the streaming settings, starting with the channel and the server. There are various options you can choose from, namely YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitch, Hitbox, Azubu, UStream, iSNTAGIB, and ConnectCast. For some of these channels, you must simply authorize the access of GOM Studio to your account to set up the connection.
There are a few other settings you must go through before going online. GOM Studio detects connected microphones and audio devices and provides audio-video configuration options. To ease your work and interaction with the application, custom playback control hotkeys are provided.
Webcam, media and slideshow streaming
GOM Studio supports broadcasting webcams and other capture devices, allowing you to add extra elements to the screen, such as images and videos, logos, or text boxes. It also features an automatic slideshow generator that can display a sequence of pictures with transition effects.
Moreover, it interacts with the built-in screen capturing and recording application (access it by adding a ‘softcam’), which can be of help if you want to share tutorials and snapshots of windows or desktop areas.
A major plus is that the application can be configured to automatically stop broadcasting at a predefined time or when a specific data traffic is reached.
Easy-to-configure live broadcasting platform
GOM Studio can transform your PC into a live broadcasting station without too much hassle. The range of servers it is compatible with is more than satisfactory, and so is the array of elements you can broadcast.
The live stream elements can be displayed exactly as you want them to, thanks to the integrated layout templates and themes.


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GOM Studio Download For PC [Latest 2022]

GOM Studio is a live broadcasting software that enables you to set up streaming servers, streaming clients, and capture screens.
Live streaming is one of the most popular new trends that has swept the world in recent years. In addition to a broadcast on a smart phone or tablet, GOM Studio enables you to broadcast to the web or be broadcast to platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and social networks.
GOM Studio was developed with several categories in mind, beginning with the broadcasters.
1. Streamers who want to broadcast a stream from their PC or a local network;
2. Live TV broadcast channels who want to broadcast to the web and their own social networks;
3. Companies who want to broadcast from their own offices to a screen sharing client for streaming, and later upload the livestream to YouTube or Facebook;
4. Companies who want to broadcast videos or other multimedia content.
You can use GOM Studio as a computer screen recording application, as a live streaming solution, and a screen capturing application.
A big advantage of GOM Studio is that it supports both “permissionless” and “permissioned” streaming, and it is compatible with all streaming servers, including OBS, Xsplit, and Broadcasting-Live (now known as Core, LLC’s StreamReady). Streaming from your PC is secured and safe thanks to its built-in firewall.
GOM Studio offers several templates that help stream from your screen, including “Screen Recording,” “Screen Capture,” “Video Capture,” and “Presentation.” There are templates that help stream from three browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE11), the filesystem, your webcam, and the security key of any application you want to stream.
You can add hundreds of webcam and capture device options with the GOM Studio installer.
You also get your own in-built receiver with the GOM Studio live broadcasting software, and you can choose from several GOM Studio themes.
You can put your streaming tools on the screen, make it more aesthetic, and set up custom controls.
You can also stream the contents of your hard drive. By default, the display images are saved in the folder with the same name, and you can set them to appear as thumbnails.
GOM Studio is compatible with Windows versions from XP onwards.

Streaming to any platform

GOM Studio supports several platforms for streaming live, including YouTube, Twitch,

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Broadcast live streaming to any video server without any plugin!
No need to any external plugins, no configuration, no other installation. Just press the Streaming Live button in the software and click on any website URL you wish to broadcast.

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GOM Studio [Win/Mac]

GOM Studio is your personal personal broadcasting station
With GOM Studio, there is no need to go to other websites to generate your own web broadcast.
GOM Studio enables you to easily create your own personalized broadcasting station where you can share your favorite content.
GOM Studio is a high-end and flexible live broadcasting streaming system, allowing you to deploy a range of content-generating tools and have your own personalized broadcasting station. GOM Studio has been designed to deliver optimized transmission while consuming as little power as possible.
It’s equipped with a wide range of functionality, such as broadcast tools, screen recording, slideshow and webcam streaming, and a customizable interface.
Furthermore, you can manage your stream and gain more control from your computer.

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What’s New in the GOM Studio?

With GOM Studio, you can create your own live streaming channel. The real-time encoder is based on XSplit Broadcaster and it allows you to reach GOM website servers with 2Mb or 1Mb connection. It has multiple presets for webcams, video on demand and slideshows. Its “Live stream to GOM” module can be used to broadcast audio and video files, embedded images, logos and many more. GOM Studio is also a comprehensive screen recorder that can be used to record videos of desktop areas or your webcam. The application is freeware and has a simple configuration wizard.
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System Requirements For GOM Studio:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760/AMD Radeon HD 7950 (or equivalent), 2560×1440
Windows 10, 64-bit OS (Windows 8 and below are not compatible)
A good internet connection is required
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Playing the game on ultra settings, the game runs very smooth on the GeForce GTX 760 and AMD Radeon HD 7950 with the dedicated version. The GTX 750 Ti turned out to be a bottleneck as a single card can only drive the game at 30fps and requires fine tuning to maintain 60fps.
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