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Some test scenarios require proof, which is in most cases represented by a screenshot. One can simply be obtained through the corresponding keyboard button, but doing so with a lot of pictures becomes a time-consuming task. Luckily, there are various specialized applications like MyPrintScreen which enhance the way you grab, and distribute screenshots.
Multiple trigger methods to use
Once launched, the application enables the core trigger method in its two visual ways. One of them is a cool desktop gadget, which binds itself to one of the screen edges, and can be freely moved to a new location. When clicked, it triggers a screenshot. Interacting with the associated tray icon is the second way to grab a picture of your screen.
The keyboard button is also tweaked, so that the picture is not automatically sent to clipboard, like the default function, and instead triggers the core functions here. Regardless of the trigger option, the entire screen gets covered with a transparent veil, letting you select a custom region to save as picture. The selection box can be moved, and resized before deciding upon export options.
Saving, and online sharing options
We can say that there’s quite the variety of methods to save, or distribute grabbed screenshots. On the one hand, there’s the common method to save locally under formats like PNG, BMP, or JPG, or send the image to clipboard to process in a different applications, because there are no editing options here.
On the other hand, an active Internet connection can be put to good use. In other words, sharing is possible via popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, while the application’s dedicated sharing options uploads it to a special server, with the target link automatically copied to clipboard, making it ready for distribution.
To end with
In conclusion, MyPrintScreen is a powerful enhancement to the default Print Screen function, both in terms of capture method, as well as distribution options. Although you cannot pick a different capture method besides custom region, and there’s no built-in autosave feature, the application is sure to make grabbing, and sharing of screenshots an easier task.







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Saving, and sharing screenshots on the internet has never been easier.
With MyPrintScreen, you are able to easily take, and share your screenshots on the Internet and you are going to like it.
All you need to do is go to “desktop” and click on “screen” and it will automatically capture your screen and show you a grid like icon. The icon will look like a piece of paper, and it is going to open a small tool where you can select the area of your screen that you want to print. You can drag the icon or you can use the “touch” tab to scroll around your screen. When you are happy with the selected area, simply press the “print screen” button and you will get a copy in the clipboard.
Now, you can paste this in any image editor you have or you can copy the image and share on any site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or send it to a email. MyPrintScreen captures and saves the saved image on the machine.
Now your friends and family can directly download the saved image and print it on an A4 size sheet of paper and use it for as many purposes as they want. Just make sure to enable the “share” option once you save the image on the desktop.
Key Features:
– Capture your entire screen or a specific region.
– Crop it, Resize it and save it in any supported image format (PNG, GIF, BMP, JPG).
– Export your captured screenshot in a variety of ways (Email, Facebook, Twitter and more).
– Drag & drop an icon to select the region for exporting and exporting it immediately.
– Show the way to use the application:
drag the icon to your desktop. click on the icon. You can use the touch tab to scroll around your screen. When you are happy with the selected area, simply press the “print screen” button and you will get a copy in the clipboard.
Now, you can paste this in any image editor you have or you can copy the image and share on any site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or send it to a email.
MyPrintScreen Requirements:
– Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or the latest Windows version
– 1 GHz CPU
– 512 MB RAM
– 3 GB HD space (more for graphic-intensive applications, mobile or video capture)Q

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The MyPrintScreen app is available for Windows 10, 7, 8 and 8.1. MyPrintScreen app is written in C++ and features are optimized for Intel Core i3, i5, i7, and i9 CPUs.
¡How to Use MyPrintScreen for Desktop Screenshots!
1. Download the app from the link & install it.
2. Double click the app’s icon on the desktop.
3. Select capture option and press the button to capture the screen.
4. Just right-click the captured image to save it in a specific file format.
5. After capturing your screen, click on the below link to learn How to send screenshot:
6. A URL is generated. Send it to friends through social networks.
7. In case of sending the image to clipboard you will be asked to fill in the following fields:
a. The image type
b. File name
8. The image has been sent to clipboard. You can access it by opening a new window, and right-clicking the copied image.
9. In case of uploading the image, you will be asked to fill in the following fields:
a. Email address
b. The URL to upload it to
10. The image has been uploaded to a server. You can access it by clicking on the below link.
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I use this program in conjunction with importnfo. Its ideal for people like me who use all windows and linux machines. I use this so that I can have one image/screenshot of my workstation. Thank you!

This is a guide to using the SysSnapshot software.
Screenshots are a very useful tool for debuging or proving the cause of a problem.
SysSnapshot is one of the most easy to use program I have used, and its highly recommended.
Please don’t forget to rate if you like the video, thanks.

This is not a paid review.

Rihanna Systemstark is a system monitoring software for Windows that enables a system snapshot at a specified time and stores the snapshot to a config

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MyPrintScreen is a simple desktop application to capture screenshots and save it to a file. You can save the screenshot directly to a file, or save it to clipboard. MyPrintScreen is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to quickly capture screenshots. The program works with multiple screen resolutions.
Keyboard Trigger: Yes
Multi-touch Trigger: Yes
Auto Save: No
Capture Region: Yes
Capture Snapshot: Yes
Send to Clipboard: Yes
Social Sharing: Yes
Instructional Videos: No
User Guides: Yes
Full Version:
Page Last:
Use desktop
Full shot

Nero DVD Ripper Platinum is an ultimate DVD and video converter, which adds a lot of additional features and functions to make all of your DVD recordings manageable and playable anywhere, anytime. It is an excellent tool for preparing various video clips to edit, play and convert them in all formats.
Nero DVD Ripper Platinum provides a really convenient interface, which allows you to easily choose and organize video clips according to criteria, such as contents, file size, audio/video type or video/audio qualities. It also provides a very powerful video editor which allows you to cut, crop, trim, add effects, adjust and reorganize video clips, and merge them with each other into a single file.
Key Features
Advanced DVD menu restoration
Advanced menu editing
Batch processing
Audio/Video transcoding
Video/Audio splitting
Encode DVD to your PC
Video filters
Simple and stylish interface
Universal DVD/Video Converter

ActivePresenter is an easy to use and powerful tool to become an professional presenter and facilitate communication between teachers and students. With ActivePresenter you can highlight a selected part of the presentation, send it to the audiovisual device, describe what is going to be shown, or replay it. It also makes it possible to capture snapshots of a presentation and display them on your TV, computer or a projector. Each of these capabilities includes a number of functions that make ActivePresenter a useful tool for teachers and students.
Key Features
Select and highlight parts of a presentation
Highlight a paragraph, a sentence, a paragraph from your notes, or a word from the dictionary
Send the highlighted part to the following devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, TV
Take photographs of each of the following features: text, image, links
Publish a presentation to website, YouTube, Facebook

What’s New in the MyPrintScreen?

Based on the concept of using programs available for Windows 7 and above, MyPrintScreen gives you the ability to capture screen at any time, easily and effortlessly, and efficiently with the shortcut…

A new plugin has been released for the long awaited ASIO4ALL, lets you capture audio streams from as many as 11 audio and video devices simultaneously. Many people want to capture this kind of information using recording applications or to stream what they record on the web.
MultiMediaRecorder.NET Description
MultiMediaRecorder.NET is a professional C# ASIO4ALL audio recording/streaming library (ASIO4ALL stands for Audio Stream Input/Output for Windows), which lets you capture audio streams from as many as 11 audio and video devices simultaneously (up to 32 audio/video capture devices are supported). It also provides full control over recording and streaming.
This is the first version of this library for recording/streaming audio.
MultiMediaRecorder.NET Tutorials (in English)
MultiMediaRecorder.NET Features
– Take full control over the recording process by setting the recording positions and options;
– Support 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit audio data formats;
– Over 11 audio and video devices, up to 32 audio/video capture devices are supported by this library;
– Support for multiple simultaneous streams;
– Powerful API to record audio and video with good quality;
– Easy to use, even for people without any coding experience;
– High quality audio and video streams can be streamed on-line easily;
– Easy to integrate and use in C# applications and ASP.NET pages, and it provides sample projects with many configuration examples.
MultiMediaRecorder.NET Requirements
-.NET Framework 4.0 or higher;
– Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013/2015/2017/2019;
– Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10;
– Any C#-compatible audio- and/or video-compatible hardware or software (including webcams);
– An NVIDIA sound card using the ASIO4ALL driver (version and higher).
MultiMediaRecorder.NET is recommended to be used in ASP.NET applications, but it can also work in WinForms applications.
Source available
Source code is available on the official website and it can also be downloaded as a

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8
300 MB RAM
20 GB of hard drive space
Additional Notes:
Genuine copies of Unreal Tournament 2004 are required to play the online
mode. If you purchase a copy of Unreal Tournament 2004 without the original CD,
Unreal Tournament 2004 does not require an original copy of Unreal Tournament
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