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SensiGuard Crack + [Updated-2022]

SensiGuard Cracked 2022 Latest Version is an advanced software application dedicated for file encryption. It features file and USB device locking, file shredding, and secure file transfers between two SensiGuard users.
Set up SensiGuard on USB flash drives
The installation procedure is fast and shouldn’t give you any trouble. After setup, alongside the « SensiGuard » desktop shortcuts, the program creates a shortcut to an additional component called « USB Vault ». You can use it to install SensiGuard on a USB flash drive or memory card, which means that it lock the device with a password to keep your files secure.
Set up a password for unlocking files
Once launched, the app shows a simple wizard that asks you to set up your master password. It’s necessary to select and answer three challenge questions, useful for password recovery. There’s no need to enter an email address. The key will be required every time you want to access SensiGuard.
Set up key pairs for personal encryption
In the following step, the tool shows another wizard for generating a key pair, which will be used for personal encryption to transfer secure files between two users who have SensiGuard installed. After specifying and confirming a new password, you can enter your full name and email address to out together a unique public key.
Simple interface and systray accessibility
The main app window has a neatly organized structure, equipped with a built-in file navigator for tracking down files to lock, unlock, personally encrypt, or shred. Although this is not indicated, it creates an icon in the systray at startup and gets sent there on exit.
How it works
File locking, unlocking and shredding can be performed on multiple selected files at the same time.
Worth noting is the fact that, unlike many similar utilities, SensiGuard doesn’t create new encrypted files but locks the original ones instead. They automatically become associated with SensiGuard and can only be accessed by entering the right password. Moreover, the files have a smaller size because they are compressed.
Several aspects should be mentioned here. For example, locked files can be still copied, moved or deleted by other users. Plus, if you change the master password, all files which were locked until that point get automatically erased.
On trial expiration, SensiGuard doesn’t completely disable its features. You can still access the main panel as well as unlock any locked files, so there’s no risk of losing data. After uninstalling the product, any locked files

SensiGuard [Mac/Win]

No longer will files have to be kept in the dark! SensiGuard is a total file encryption utility to secure and lock any files or USB devices. With SensiGuard, your files are secured in multiple ways, including file shredding, file locking, file encryption, and USB device locking, in a secure manner. The key is inserted when you launch SensiGuard and is required to unlock files. You can also encrypt your files using a personal encryption key or a password. The tool has simple instructions with helpful examples, and is easy-to-learn. It can be downloaded for FREE. Check it out today!
Key Features:
◦ File shredding
◦ File locking
◦ File encryption
◦ USB device locking
◦ Personal key encryption
◦ Tired of losing work files? Use file shredding with ease.
◦ Resizable built-in file explorer and file navigator
◦ Easy to learn and use
◦ Support 3 security algorithms
◦ Supports 12 character passwords and personal keys
◦ Completely freeware
SensiGuard is a software program developed by Asia Tech Support. Further information on Asia Tech Support can be found at
The tools are provided « as is » and Asia Tech Support disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose.
Download SensiGuard
SensiGuard downloads should be used for evaluation purposes only. All software remains the property of Asia Tech Support or the original copyright holder and may not be copied, reproduced, modified, uploaded, posted, published or redistributed without permission.
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SensiGuard Crack+ [Mac/Win]

The SensiGuard file encryption software runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. It is designed to lock, encrypt and unlock any file on your system. With SensiGuard you can easily encrypt any file with a password, and shred files to make them completely unrecoverable. You can also export your public key to share it with others, so that they can unlock files on your computer for themselves.
Main features:
You can encrypt/shred any file with a password and keep it secured in case you forget the password.
After encrypting, you can also change a file’s password to prevent unauthorized users from using this version of the file.
You can control several files at once using the GUI, from one place.
SensiGuard Properties:
File encryption tool.
You can write, read and delete all the files on the hard drive.
You can shred all the files on the hard drive at the same time.
You can encrypt any file with password.
You can transfer your public key to other users, so they can decrypt files on your computer.
You can control different files from one place.
Additional Features:
Support file encryption and file shredding.
Support file shredding with date specification.
Support file shredding for all formats.
Support file shredding with interval specification.
Support shred and encrypt all the files to be shredded or encrypted.
Support shred and encrypt only the files with the specified extensions.
Support control of the files to be encrypted or shredded.
Support to control the files to be encrypted or shredded, even if the system is in sleep/hibernation mode.
Support to change the file’s password.
Support to change the file’s password.
Support to share the public key with other users.
Support to control which files will be shred and encrypted at the same time.
Support to set the file’s password before shredding the file.
Support to set the file’s password before shredding the file.
Support to set the file’s password without creating an encrypted file (keep the original file).
SensiGuard Tester:
The SensiGuard Tester application is designed to verify the file encryption. The app ensures that the original file and the encrypted file have the same size and file contents. The file’s password is used during the verification process, so when the app says that the file is not the same as the encrypted file, that means it’s the encrypted file because the correct

What’s New in the?

Use SensiGuard to easily protect your files and USB drives, lock them, and securely transfer them to other users. It lets you easily encrypt files to anyone, without having to share your password. Because it’s invisible, no-one but you will ever know what you’re protecting.
– Password Protection
– Lock screen protection
– Shred files
– Encrypt files to anyone
– « One time key » for encrypting to other users
– Usernames and email addresses for encrypting to other users
– Select from 32 different security algorithms for encryptionCalifornia’s 38th State Senate district

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