Mortadelo Y Filemon Comics Cbr !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Mortadelo Y Filemon Comics Cbr !!EXCLUSIVE!!

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Mortadelo Y Filemon Comics Cbr

founder of the group (who you can see wearing the hat somewhere in the background in the first strips) was jim warren, both in the comics and in his magazine venture in the real world. he wanted to create something for adults without censorship or imposed restrains, a story that was more than just candy. the idea was to bring to the public what he thought his story needed, like when he wanted to invite the public in his house to watch halloween and friday the 13th. a novel idea, if you ask me, and something that would work in real life.

the main characters are mortadelo and filemon, two clumsy secret agents. « we are both useless at our jobs and are always getting in trouble, even though we are very smart. we are called mortadelo and filemon because of our extreme stupidity. » mortadelo was named after a character in the gulliver’s travels by jonathan swift, the fat doctor, by the way, but mortadelo was not fat, but just tall and clumsy.

filemon is named after tom & jerry’s cartoon character, « the idiot who never came up with an idea. » he was clueless as to why people thought that he was stupid and did not understand that he was not that kind of a character, and is not even his real name. he was named after a filipino cartoon character, because his creators thought the name was more attractive.

some of the other characters are blodgett, mortadelo’s sidekick, mortadelo’s father, and mortadelo’s neighbor. other characters, such as the blanetaxi, dr. zorina, d., the taxi driver, are other guest stars appearing in the comic as well. the blind man who they nickname « blindy » is named after the simpsons‘ marge, but their creator did not like the name, so they renamed him and used the italian word « blindo. » she, too, does not like the name and she is still sometimes called « she. »

the story as well as the characters takes place in the fictional town of felguera, spain. mortadelo and filemon work for the agency tia (spanish acronym), an organization that is a branch of the ministry of defense.
in 2000-2013 there are a series of publications of comic books, journals and magazines based on both the works of mortadelo and filemon. those issues are the magos del humor for 2000-2002 and 2005-2008, the danza de la fripona for 2002-2006, the magos del media for 2007-2010, the magos del dinero for 2012-2013, as well as the first editions of the magos del genio for 2013-2014. after that, in 2015 mortadelo and filemon are created in the mortadelo and filemon: spies from beyond (template:lang-es, mortadelo y filemon versus majestad roja).
in the end of the 1980s we start to have series of in english publications with spanish and portugese translations. [0] it is the first appearance of filemon as a solo character. also, in 1993 the in english publication begins with the first appearance of the mortadelo character in a solo series. [0] in 2000 spanish publisher cerveceria artes gráficas publishes in the country the first publication of mortadelo and filemon with english translations. in 2004, you find published in both countries the first coleccin starring both characters. [1] in 2005 is the first bimonthly english publication of mortadelo and filemon. [2] in 2007 are produced in spain the monthly periodicals which will become the magos del dinero. in 2008, mortadelo and filemon: mission implausible is also distributed in both countries.

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