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You can create entire web sites using Photoshop, as I explain in the next chapter.

Apple’s Aperture: A New App Store

Aperture is another program in the Photoshop family. It’s a more specialized program than Photoshop that handles edits to photos specifically. For more information, see Chapter 15.

Many people see the real power in Photoshop, but the following programs may work better for you:

iPhoto: A free program that comes preinstalled with the newest MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

Photoshop Express: A free app that’s available for Android and iOS devices.

Snapseed: An extremely simple app that does the basics well, such as providing easy edits like the choice of filters (Figure 2-12, top) and cropping.

Pixlr: A free app for android phones that includes some of the features of Photoshop Express in a downloadable app.

Illustrator: A high-end software program that enables you to create entire web sites.

Photoshop has become so powerful that most people who create websites have found it too difficult to use. So, web designers create their entire websites in more simple programs such as Illustrator. (I discuss using Illustrator in Chapter 16.)

Photoshop is a powerful and complex program that includes layers and adjustment layers.

**Figure 2-12:** On the left side of Figure 2-12 is the app icon for PhotoShop Express. On the right is a screen grab from Aperture and on the bottom is Snapseed.

When you import images in Photoshop, you can select, copy, paste, or move them in these ways (among others):

• Select: Selects the object, such as a layer, and clicks the option to make it appear highlighted. You can highlight and deselect the object by using the space bar. You can also press Shift and click to make multiple selections. This method is not available in basic operation.

• Copy: Copy your selection to the Clipboard. You can then paste that into your image by using the Paste option on the Windows task bar. You can also drag selected objects to the new area on your image.

• Paste: Pasting a selection takes the object from the Clipboard into the editing program and adds that object to your edit. You can paste the entire Clipboard by using the Paste option on the Windows task bar.

Don’t worry about choosing a layer that’s the

Photoshop Frame Custom Shapes Free Download Crack+ Download

Photoshop Elements 14 has been well-received by many since its release last year on Windows and is the closest to the old Photoshop. It offers a simple interface for beginners and professionals alike, or for anyone with a quick learning curve.

Purpose of Photoshop Elements

Elements is part of Adobe’s Photoshop family. Not only is it an editor, but Photoshop Elements is a whole different type of software. It also comes with the newer version of Photoshop too.

The purpose of Photoshop Elements is to provide a powerful image editor, similar to Photoshop, for beginners, hobbyists and students.

It allows you to work on your images like a professional photo editor, with the same shortcuts and every feature you can find in Photoshop.


Some of the advantages of Photoshop Elements are:

Unlimited resolution with the right file size

Live previews

Print to PDF and export to PSD

Retouch tool

Color replacement

Image Resize and Transform tools

Easy retouching tools

Color picker

Effect and filter tools

Elements’ New Features

Photoshop Elements 14 has a new and updated version. This is the first version to be based on Windows 10. However, this was not the only new feature added.

The new and updated features that it has are listed below.

Auto Color: You no longer have to adjust the skin tones of an image manually. Auto Color is a tool that is automatically detects color from your images and tones them correctly automatically. This is great to avoid the mess that comes from changing the tones.

Added: I-view

I-view is a new tool that lets you view images on images on a large monitor.

The feature lets you select a file from a folder or your desktop and instantly see how it will look on a large monitor, this is great for viewing pictures online.

Print to PDF: Now you can print to PDF directly from Photoshop Elements. You can also create a PDF from the print inspector itself.


There are now 4 image resizing options. You can choose to resize and rotate images to make them fit in certain sizes more easily.


You can now make a photo look old-time like by using the effects. There are multiple effects that you can use to add personality to your images.

When you apply a filter to an image, you

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What’s New In?

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System Requirements For Photoshop Frame Custom Shapes Free Download:

Windows 7 or higher
Windows 10 (64-bit)
8 GB of RAM (minimum)
12 GB of RAM (recommended)
500 MB of available hard-drive space
Core2Duo, Athlon or Intel Pentium
Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10
Microsoft DirectX: Version 11
Minimum Graphics: DirectX 9
Recommended Graphics: DirectX 11
Hard Drive Space: 500 MB available on the C:\ drive

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