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How to « normalize » a javascript/jQuery / Flash p2p game

We’re developing a p2p javascript game that isn’t great, but it works. It has these complex, non-intuitive, slow and laggy aspects: a) players need to vote on a bunch of buttons to gain players that are essential for winning, b) players may not be online, c) players may queue up and wait for each other before starting the game, d) there are lots of buttons, lots of text and new players don’t always understand how to play, and e) movement is by mouse clicking on buttons.
It’s not a perfect system, but it’s something. There are lots of features that would be really useful to standardize and develop a better system, such as a) only allow the player to queue up for a’slot’ and have it announced to the other players, b) let players race, c) let players spin a wheel to gain a bonus before the game starts, d) have the player queue up in a fixed amount of time, e) have a timer to see how long a player has been waiting to queue and countdown if a player is not available.
And there are other problems too, such as when one player dies the game just restarts and you lose everything, so it’s not fair.
So how can we make a p2p game in javascript / jQuery / Flash which is more like a « game » that has no free play, but is fair?


There are plenty of « fair » mechanisms for multiplayer games, but making a p2p game that is fair is pretty hard, because of how the network has to work.
Here is an article by James Vaughan that covers « fairness » in online gaming pretty well.
And here are some demos:

Multiplayer Games (P2P)
Game of Dice (P2P)

From the article:

The basic idea is that you need to make sure everyone has a roughly equal opportunity to win, and that if everyone has a chance to win, then everyone wins. For example, no one should ever lose the game on purpose.

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