Enable Disable SafeMode Crack [April-2022]

Enable / Disable SafeMode is a small-sized and portable piece of software you can use to activate and activate your computer's safe mode option with just a couple of clicks. This way, you can prevent other PC users from booting Windows in a minimal state to perform a recovery session, with or without network access.
Effortlessly enable or disable safe mode
The interface is represented by a just one, small window with two buttons for enabling and disabling the safe mode feature. The new setting is quickly applied to the computer, so there's no need to restart it. No confirmation message pops up to let you know whether or not the task was successful.
Apply password protection
You can figure out the current status by spotting the grayed out button out of the two available. In addition, Enable / Disable SafeMode gives you the possibility to apply password protection to restrict other PC users tinkering with the Windows safe mode. It has to be retyped and can be changed at a later time.
No setup necessary
Installing this program isn't necessary, as there's no setup file available. It's compressed into just one executable that can be downloaded and immediately launched, whether it's on a local, network or removable location. To perform an uninstall, you just have to delete this file. The upside of portable apps it that they can be copied to a pen drive and fired up on any PC without setup.
Evaluation and conclusion
It didn't stress the machine's performance in our tests, consuming low CPU and RAM. Although it's a bit dated, we didn't have any trouble getting it to run smoothly on later Windows editions.
Thanks to its straightforward options, Enable / Disable SafeMode can be used by those who want to effortlessly enable and disable the safe mode feature in Windows.









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