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Oligo Explorer analyzes all important primer properties like Tm, GC%, primer loops, primer dimers and etc. You can select primers manually form the sequence. Oligo Explorer includes also a powerful tool named ‘Primer wizard’ that helps you to find suitable primer pairs for your purposes.
You can set your own parameters for primer pair search engine or use default parameters. Default parameters are usually adequate for most applications. ‘Primer wizard’ suggests primer pairs that amplify PCR-product of given length. Individual primer pairs have been tested so that they do not form stable primer dimers or primer loops. Give Oligo Explorer a try to fully assess its capabilities!
NOTE: Free for academic use only.


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Oligo Explorer 2022 Crack is a tool that identifies small-scale oligonucleotide sequences that can be used for the preparation of small-scale PCR or for the amplification of cDNA with the use of microarrays. Oligo Explorer uses the basic units of oligonucleotides, ‘letters’, to identify single sequences of nucleotides, ‘nucleobases’.
The software finds oligonucleotides with the shortest sequence, which contain a certain GC% and do not form stable primer loops.
Multiple primer sets are identified for one target site. Oligo Explorer was developed to ease the experimental work of researchers who are involved in the PCR-based analyses of small-scale genes and gene fragments. The Oligo Explorer software is a useful addition to your set of tools for PCR.
Oligo Explorer Features:
Feature Description:
Oligo Explorer helps to find the shortest oligonucleotide, which can be used to amplify target sequences by PCR. Oligo Explorer is a useful addition to your set of tools for PCR.
Useful Features:
This release contains some considerable additions and improvements. You can find the feature
tutes for each of them in the Features list.
Keyword search
You can now look for primer pairs with given Tm, GC%, primer loop length or product length.
Synthetize or find primer pairs
You can find all possible primer pairs for given sequence. Primer pairs are identified by their Tm and GC%
To save your time you can use the Synthetize function. The results of the analysis are displayed in a dialogue. You can see primer pair’s detailed characteristics. You can manually set the desired parameters for each primer pair.
Primer Sequences Search
You can look for one or many oligonucleotide sequences, that do not form stable primer loops.
Primer Wizard
You can now search for primer pairs that amplify a given product length. The results are displayed in a list. You can manually set the desired parameters for each primer pair.
Pattern Search
You can look for sequences, that have a given structure. The results are displayed in a list. You can manually set the desired parameters for each pattern.
If you want to learn more about the terminology used in this application you can try our glossary page.
Full versions of Oligo Explorer are not limited in some options and allow to get more detailed information

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Oligo Explorer Crack Torrent

o Oligo Explorer is a software for designing oligonucleotides and primers.
o Oligo Explorer includes a large number of analytical tools for designing primers and oligonucleotides.
o Oligo Explorer provides a fast and convenient way for designing oligonucleotides and primers. It generates up to 100 primer pairs for your sequences.
o Oligo Explorer provides many useful features for designing primers and oligonucleotides.
o Analytical tools for designing oligonucleotides and primers:
o Tm: plot Tm for each sequence
o GC% : plot %GC content for each sequence
o Repeat sequence: find out all possible copy numbers for a primer
o Loops: find out all possible loop sizes
o 5′ overhang: find out all possible sizes for 5′ overhang
o Primer dimers: find out which combinations are possible
o Primer loops: find out all possible loop sizes
o Primer maturation: find out all possible combinations of AA, AC, AG, CA, CT, GA, GT, GC, GA, GT, GC, GG
o Primer search engine: find out suitable primer pairs for a given sequence
o Primer data base: list and download all user specified primer pairs
o Examine Primer Explorer: examine all components of primer pairs
o Auto and Multiple Primer Wizard: genereate multiple and auto-primer pairs for your sequences
o Primer Explorer: design primer pairs for your sequences from the sequencing results.
License: GPL 3
Version: 1.3
File size: 1.9 MB
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What’s New in the?

By analyzing all the fundamental properties of all primer pairs and predicting if a pair will amplify or not, Oligo Explorer identifies best primer pairs to amplify each template. Oligo Explorer is very fast even for large datasets. It is the only application of its kind capable of being tuned for the specific task of primer pair identification.
There are many primer pair design tools, however, Oligo Explorer was created to meet specific needs. Oligo Explorer is based on several key observations, for instance that most spurious primer pairs are composed of different primer sequences. As a result, Oligo Explorer identifies primers as pairs, not primers as single sequences.
See also:

“The assays of primer pairs for designed amplifications are usually used to evaluate the performance of primers. However, no previous report has demonstrated that primer pairs may be optimized for each PCR target, which is essential for primer design. Hence, it is also important to analyze primer pairs for each PCR target. To this end, we have designed Oligo Explorer, an easy-to-use and free software. Oligo Explorer analyzes all the primer properties, including Tm, GC%, primer dimer, sequence length, and secondary structure, and predicts the amplifications for each primer pair. The recommended primer pairs can then be selected by filtering the predicted amplifications. Oligo Explorer is not an easy-to-use primer designing tool for some users. However, researchers who have limitations with primer design tools might find Oligo Explorer helpful.”
Primer sets are pre-computed in Oligo Explorer. If Oligo Explorer detects loop primers in the primer pair, it shows the information about loop primers in each primer pair.
“Primer pairs are sets of oligonucleotides, and they are important components in PCR. Using oligonucleotides as primers enables us to carry out PCR, which is a powerful tool for the study of gene function and the analysis of DNA and RNA sequences. Because the primer design is easy to carry out and it is a key factor in PCR, primers with high specificity and sensitivity are highly desired, but it is very difficult to design one.
In this study


System Requirements For Oligo Explorer:

Titanfall 2 requires a PC with an NVIDIA® graphics card and Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Intel® Core™ i3-3220, i5-3220, or i7-3820 (Desktop) processor or i7-3770 (Mobile)
4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
(1.3GHz core clock speed or faster)
3GB available hard disk space (10GB recommended)




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