Tron Script 10.5.2 Crack [32|64bit]

Although there are many software developers who come up with solutions for cleaning, maintaining and optimizing the system, Windows actually has its own range of built-in utilities dedicated to these purposes.
Use a batch script to make system tweaks automatically
Researching and using each tool is time-consuming. If you're looking for a smarter way, like launching multiple Windows applications at the same time with minimal effort on your behalf, you can use Tron. In addition to Windows resources, it includes some free-to-use third-party apps, like McAfee Stinger, CCleaner and Kaspersky Removal Tool.
This is a batch script that represents a collection of system utilities made to scan, clean and disinfect Windows. These resources can be found in different categories (subfolders) after unzipping Tron.
Clean temp files, debloat, repair and optimize the system
The following steps are taken when launching the Tron batch file to deploy all apps in the command-line interface: preparation, temporary file cleaning, debloating, disinfection, repair, patching, optimization, and wrap-up.
For example, when prepping up the environment, Tron backs up the registry, takes screenshots, creates log files, and terminates any unresponsive processes. Debloating means getting rid of unnecessary Metro apps, eliminating Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), and uninstalling OneDrive.
Built-in Windows scripts, third-party apps, and custom scripts
Repairs are made to the Windows telemetry, MSIs and file extensions. The wrap-up stage simply sends email notifications with Tron's activity. You can also add scripts of your own by placing the files in the custom script folder. There are extra tools available which aren't included in the automation process but can be manually operated, such as AdwCleaner and ComboFix.
Before deploying Tron's batch file, it's recommended to read the instructions document to know what you're getting yourself into. Perhaps there are certain stages you're not comfortable with, which can be skipped if you correctly use the console flags (e.g. "tron.bat -m" gives instructions to keep OEM Metro apps instead of removing them by default).
Lengthy but not fully automatic process
The developer recommends allowing the completion of Windows Updates as well as launching Tron with administrative rights to avoid any disk reading errors (due to permissions).
Because there are many operations involved, Tron takes a really long time. It's not completely automatic, though, because you have to interfere in some cases for confirmation (e.g. for Malwarebytes scans). This means that you cannot leave your PC unattended for long periods of time. Once it's over, you have to reboot the PC, after which you can inspect results in the master log file (C:\Logs\tron\tron.log, by default).
Taking everything into account, Tron is ideal for system administrators and other expert PC users interested in performing automatic system tweaking.


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Tron Script 10.5.2 Crack Patch With Serial Key [Latest]

Repair and optimize your PC

Use a batch script to make system tweaks automatically

Repairs the Windows registry, takes screenshots, creates log files, and terminates unresponsive processes

Removes OneDrive if you have it installed, and removes superfluous apps and BHO

Temporarily removes OEM Metro apps (applications) if you want to keep them instead of auto-removing them by default

Disinfects the computer via multiple tools (Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, Avast etc.)

Fixes registry keys, strings, files and even Windows 10 telemetry

Goes over your whole system to clean up the Windows cache, junk files and temporary files

Updates Windows and Windows 10 automatically

The Tron software has minimal to medium-sized files and requires around 6GB of free disk space, but your PC is idle. In addition, the setup size shouldn’t exceed about 4MB.
Download Tron
Use Tron to perform regular system maintenance and cleanup in one step.
It has minimal effect on your computer system and can therefore be used by a novice user.

Uninstall Tron
Use the instructions below to uninstall Tron if necessary:

Methods to uninstall Tron

Click the Start menu and search for « msiexec.exe. » Right-click « msiexec.exe » and select « Run as administrator. » When prompted, enter the administrator password.

Double-click « Programs and Features » (Windows 8, Windows 7) or « Add or Remove Programs » (Windows XP). Click « Uninstall a Program. » Select « Tron » from the list. When prompted, enter the administrator password.

Download and run the Tron uninstaller

Click the Start menu and search for « msiexec.exe. » Right-click « msiexec.exe » and select « Run as administrator. » When prompted, enter the administrator password.

Double-click « Programs and Features » (Windows 8, Windows 7) or « Add or Remove Programs » (Windows XP). Click « Uninstall a Program. » Select « Tron » from the list. When prompted, enter the administrator password.

Use an uninstall manager

Use a third-party uninstall manager to completely remove Tron from your PC. There are several uninstall managers available for free on the Internet.
If the process has not been completed automatically

Tron Script 10.5.2 Crack Keygen Free [Updated] 2022

Receive Windows notification for each operation performed

Use Windows syslog to keep track of Tron’s status

Backup Windows registry

Take screenshots, create log files, remove temporary files and process terminated processes

Get rid of Metro apps, Browser Helper Objects (BHOs), OneDrive, etc.

Repairs are made to the Windows telemetry, MSIs and file extensions

Use a combination of in-built Windows scripts, third-party apps, and custom scripts

Delete old Windows updates


Let’s start with a warning: Tron runs a lot of processes on your PC, and this may be dangerous. Therefore, you need to be fully in control of everything.

In addition to Tron itself, there are many third-party applications bundled with it for cleanup purposes, as well as system utilities and built-in scripts. If something goes wrong while executing the scripts, you can just use your own scripts, PowerShell commands or the command-line interface (CLI).


If you have more than three copies of Windows installed on your computer, you should make sure you launch Tron with administrative rights. Otherwise, some cleanup operations may fail due to insufficient permissions. You can launch Tron with administrative rights in the file explorer as follows (Windows 8.1 and 10):

In Windows 7, you can do the same with right-click on the zip file you’re about to extract. If Tron is launched, it will warn you that it’s a non-system file and has no access rights, and there are two options to choose: Launch the zip file as an administrator or reboot the PC:

Voilà! You can then extract the Tron directory containing its many scripts and third-party apps, including some free-to-use programs.

A few functions that are performed by third-party apps are automatically performed by the Tron Script Full Crack. However, they can be disabled via the « -no-app » option, as detailed in the documentation.


Windows Updates: You should approve the installation of Windows Update downloads before launching the batch file. Otherwise, you may see an error stating that there is no Internet connection or that some checksum values aren’t correct. Even if you skip it, you may still see similar errors in the command-line interface.

Cleaning registry: You can find the default registry settings in the file C:\Users\

Tron Script 10.5.2 Crack Free Download

– Computer with Windows 10 or Windows 8.1
– Internet connection
– Batch script files that you can find in the master zip
– Java 8 (which is required to run McAfee Stinger)
– Application files and settings (applications, documents, and so on) that are on the PC

Download McAfee Stinger Antimalware Removal Tool
From the download page, download file and unzip it where you like.

Open McAfee Stinger Antimalware Removal Tool’s folder with Windows Explorer.

Double-click on the.bat file to run the tool.

Answer the license agreement and select « I Agree », then select « Next » to start the scan.

Wait for the tool to be done with the scan and then select « OK ».

Antimalware/Security | Cleanup

After McAfee Stinger has completed its scan, look in the folder where you unzipped Tron, as indicated below (for example, C:\McAfee_Stinger_Removal). Inside the folder, you will see a folder labeled « Cleaning ».

In this folder, you will see a folder entitled « AppData ». Double-click on it and you will see a folder entitled « Cleaning ».

In this folder, you will see many other folders and files, which can be moved to a folder of your own. In fact, I recommend doing this as it will speed up future cleanups.

In this folder, you will see a folder entitled « C:\Windows\CCMSearch\MetaFiles\*.cmp ». Double-click on it and you will see another folder entitled « User ». You can see many other folders and files like the one below (with the same contents). They can be dragged and dropped into a folder of your own.

Lastly, clean the Google/Yahoo/Bing/Facebook, including history and cookies.

Open Chrome and type chrome://settings/history in the address bar.

In History, you will see a list of all the pages you have visited for the past 180 days. Simply remove the items you don’t want to see and you are done.

To remove cookies, open Chrome and type chrome://settings/cookies in the address bar.

In Cookies and Site data, you can remove the cookies you don’t want to see.

After you clean up these categories

What’s New in the Tron Script?

1. Opens the console application.
2. Listens to file changes.
3. Uninstall unnecessary apps.
4. Generate a log file for you.
5. Starts a program to perform cleanup.
6. Removes Windows telemetry information.
7. Monitors and removes unnecessary OneDrive.
8. Dumps unused user profiles from multiple locations.
9. Replaces Windows UI objects (BSOD, MSI, desktop switcher files).
10. Detects damaged files.
11. Disables IAC, ESET, Webroot, ESET Online, Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Defender.
12. Deletes log files from temporary folders.
13. Removes Resident Evil code, GFWL, and Webroot.
14. Removes malicious programs.
15. Installs and configures Windows updates.
16. Deletes log files.
17. Prepares the correct paths for storage and libraries.
18. Backups the registry.
19. Starts programs to quickly scan, clean, and repair.
20. Displays scheduled tasks in a graphical panel.
21. Removes toolbars, home page shortcuts, and desktop Icons.
22. Saves the current bootstrap for future updates.
23. Starts a program to remove shortcuts.
24. Generates a log file.
25. Adds Registry keys.
26. Scans and removes free and malicious shortcuts.
27. Backups the boot files.
28. Starts programs to clean and repair.
29. Cleans the temporary files.
30. Regenerates the boot files.
31. Restores the bootfiles.
32. Generates a log file.
33. Detects invalid configuration files.
34. Makes copies of the driver.
35. Highlights problems in the registry.
36. Changes the default configuration.
37. Updates the path.
38. Detects the Windows version.
39. Generates a log file for updating the boot files.
40. Copies the disk file to the primary location.
41. Restores the local drive for repair.
42. Generates a log file for registry repair.
43. Registers the key.
44. Resets the connection to OneDrive.
45. Detects a problem with the boot.
46. Updates the list of shortcuts.
47. Finds and removes shortcuts.
48. Replaces

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit (2008, Vista, 2003)
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz, Intel Core2 Duo E6700 2.5Ghz, Intel Core2 Duo E7200 2.6Ghz, Intel Core2 Duo E7400 2.8Ghz, Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66Ghz, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.93Ghz, Intel Core 2 Quad

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