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* It is a Fantasy Action RPG that enables you to create a character and explore a vast world.
* There are four classes in the game.
* Since character class equipment and monster skills are interchangeable, you can freely combine them in order to craft the perfect character.
* Players are able to freely roam around an open world, and eventually they are able to explore gigantic dungeons.
* Multiple characters can be in the same party, and you can enjoy cooperative missions with your allies.
* Battle-tested and refined, the RPG genre is finally taking a turn in the right direction.
* The game supports a superior graphics engine with full DirectX 11 support.
* As this is a test version, please bear with the missing and incomplete content, as we are currently working to further improve the quality.


■ 作品の背景

* The War between Heaven and Hell.
* The power of this war was sealed away.
* Its power now left only in the hearts of those who feel its power.
* The purpose of this power, sealed away by the gods, still remains.

■ 前作

* The war is only that.
* The players who followed this story have always been deceived.
* The truth of these foolish heroes, who mocked the gods, is also a lie.

■ 回復を進める方法

* The present can be understood only through the past, and the power of the past can be used to regain your power.

■ 勇者たちを描いた

■ 書籍や短編集含む1作

■ スマートフォンやタブレット機向けにも簡単化!配信時間や仕組みが古臭いなことを理解できる!



Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement – Under a vast overland map, you can freely travel across a variety of dungeons and open fields. A vast world full of unexplored environments and additional quests await you!
  • Create your own Character – By means of creation equipment such as weapons, armor, accessories, and accessories, you can freely combine weapons, armor, and magic, allowing you to develop your own character. Your favorite character will come to life together with its impressive design and senses of style, to make a character of your very own!
  • An Epic Drama Born from a Myth – The story is told in fragmented scenes, with multiple characters and scenes that the main character disagrees with unfolding. As you play, you’ll experience an epic fantasy drama with an easygoing and free-flowing atmosphere that is like nowhere else!
  • Mature Ninja Dojo – Your newly-raised samurai can do more than just play around—perform beautifully and powerfully in battle with a stable and balanced gameplay technique.
  • Eden Ring – As one of the highest-level enemies, you’ll gather gold and experience for your arms, armor, and accessories. With enough gold and experience, you can purchase new equipment, customize your character, create a new character, and raise your level.
  • Explore in a Large World – Discover the many corners of the Lands Between, discover the neighboring lands and even the Empire of Dalmasca, while experiencing two-dimensional and three-dimensional environments throughout.
  • Customize Classic Heroes – Create your own hero that represents your style and imagination. As an RPG with plenty of content, crafting your own legend has never been so easy!
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    Elden Ring (LifeTime) Activation Code [Win/Mac] [Latest 2022]

    – UNITY: Developed by the Groundwork team of leading game development companies, ELDEN RING is a fantasy action game with exciting battle elements and an exploration experience that weave the fantasy genre and real-time strategy genre together. The game blends the different elements of the title with a unique fantasy setting while reusing all the elements that people love in action RPGs.

    – DIGITAL CAMPAIGN: A new way to receive free content while exploring the world of ELDEN RING. As a whole, we will be releasing a series of items with a variety of useful items to players!

    – ADVANCED CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM: Combining the standard skills (gods and goddesses that act as class skills), a large number of additional skills (guides, selected from the heroes, gods, and goddesses, that act as personal skills) and techniques (attacks, skills, items, game elements, etc., that act as combat skills) that will be newly added in the game, you can create a character of your own tastes, and approach the game of your own way.

    – THE FALLEN LEGEND: A new story where the heroes of the age rise up to fight against the setting of ELDEN RING, which has a vast and rich storyline that fans of fantasy and action RPGs will want to jump into.

    What is ELDEN RING?:

    – A vaster world than ever before (11,400,000 square kilometers)

    – A high sense of drama and love for the fantasy genre

    – Unity with real-time strategy, multifaceted battles

    – The first game that connects the fantasy genre and real-time strategy game

    – Combined fantasy action RPG and real-time strategy

    – Various stories that wrap around one mystery

    – A variety of characters that stand out from the crowd

    – A huge world of various maps and designs that provoke emotional responses

    – A battle system that combines action and real-time strategy

    – Dynamic battles that will heat up with the player’s avatar

    – An environment where the passage of time affects the outcome of battles

    – Players can develop their own story and create their own character while getting to know others

    – A mysterious enemy force that could destroy civilization

    – A unique online experience where you can feel the presence of others and form a party

    – A beautifully crafted high-quality graphics


    What’s new:, Released: 2016-05-17

    New Trial Missions Added*
    A fresh batch of trial missions are now added, along with newly added in-game text.
    *Some trial missions require a free trial
    To activate the free trial, you need to select « Trial » in the designated « Startup » button on the « Play Game » menu.
    After 3 days, unless you bought the game up to 3 times, or the subscription was not used, the game will end, and you will still have used the amount of time.
    If you suspend the game, even if this is for the duration of the free trial, the game will end, and you will use the accumulated time for the free trial.
    If you place the game, or cancel the purchase without completing the free trial, the background will end and the free trial end.
    If you remove or change the storage for a game in Personal, you must restart the game in the same way or longer to resume the free trial after suspension.

    Themes have been modified*
    To free trials, we added temporary themes to adjust the color tones and remove the music menu, with new themes added.
    After activation of the game, you will no longer need to select « 2.2.0 Theme » on the « options » menu to select the theme, instead, you need to press the « 2.2.0 Theme » to change it, or « Close » to return to the previous theme., Released: 2016-04-19

    1. The two end-of-the-world dungeons added (the
    2nd of the series)*
    You’ll be able to use the new two dungeons today
    “End of the Earth” and “End of the World.”
    Through this, you’ll be able to increase


    Free Download Elden Ring Activation Key [Win/Mac]

    1. Unrar.
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    3. Install the game.
    4. Copy and replace the cracked content in the install dir with the original files.
    5. Copy everything from the SteamApps folder and replace that.
    6. Go to /steam/steamapps/common/Elden Ring/ and delete the contents.
    7. Go to /apps/euclid and delete the contents.
    8. Go to /steamapps/common/Elden Ring/Elden Ring/ and delete the contents.
    9. Play and enjoy!

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    Re: Theft of Osiris expansion released

    Kang-Fu wrote:

    Can we get a trailer up somewhere? Or even some screenshots of the expansion? I don’t remember seeing it mentioned before.

    Plot, gameplay, story

    It’s a brand new story set in the Lands Between.

    Follow the story of a young orphan whose life is turned upside down when she finds a mysterious stone that is the key to a forgotten power.

    You will gather power along with the characters you meet on your journey.

    You will be able to take part in many kinds of battles with powerful enemies in many kinds of worlds and dungeons.

    You will encounter a variety of new battles and enemies to use your developed power.


    Select and move around your party members to make a huge group of them to unleash powerful attacks.

    Raise your enemies’ power stat on the battlefield to cause massive damage!


    Create new attacks and magic with runes.


    Equip powerful equipment to your party members and make them even stronger!


    New BGM and a new 2D battle style!


    Three-dimensional dungeons that you can freely explore!


    Various gameplay options to have a thrilling experience.


    New battles and enemies!

    Replace the old items to the ones that are brought from the Lands Between.




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