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Download Setup & Crack >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Elden Ring Torrent Download, a fantasy RPG game developed by Max Level, is scheduled to be released for PC and PS4 in Japan in summer 2018.
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Posted by Max Level on Jan 30th, 2018

NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG: Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between in battle…

Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between in battle…

Elden Ring can now be played as a standalone game!

Please enjoy the game via the link below.

Rise! Tarnished! and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

■ Introduction to Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a brand new fantasy action RPG game released for Windows PC and PlayStation 4.

Elden Ring is a standalone RPG where the world of the game is seamlessly connected to the world of Vana’diel.

A Vast World Full of Excitement

The Vana’diel world is an extensive world where you can freely explore at will. It is the world where ancient myths and legends live.

An Action RPG where you can freely wander wherever you wish, it is set within a world that doesn’t fit into any specific genre, making the world and the gameplay as fresh and as exciting as their real life counterparts.

A vast field with open fields and huge dungeons that are complex and three-dimensional, the environments have a stunning graphic quality.

While using a combination of the number of people and the size of the size of the party, it is possible to freely change the environment to suit your situation.

· Explore many unexpected and thrilling situations!

Explore a vast world where you can freely go to any of the fields and dungeons to seek out treasures and adventure. Discover many beautiful and unexpected things by way of a history and mysteries.

Create Your Own Character

Through the Customize Options, you can freely change your character’s appearance and develop your character according to your playing style.

• Equipment and


Download Setup & Crack >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download Setup & Crack >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Vast World:
    • A magical world where desert-ridden lands with no sun and icy regions with snow cover a variety of ways up. A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
  • Faction Battle:
    • An online experience where you can battle together with other members and experience exciting battles in which your rival is an avatar of light and magic, and his group is an avatar of darkness and despair. There is also a PvP (player-versus-player) mode, in which you can battle against other players, a practice mode, in which you practice your abilities, and an « All-on-All Online Battle » mode, in which you battle against a legend warband. There is also a scenario and dungeon pet battle system where you battle against legendary monsters.
  • Mount Trade:
    • You can travel to places that you have read about in the ancient myths. Whether you travel on foot or use a mount such as an elephant, a centaur, or a Valkyrie, you can enjoy your trip and increase your wealth and fame.
  • Training – Equilibrium:
    • Equilibrium is a system that allows you to set an appropriate level of physical and magical strength through interactive play.
  • Variation System
    • You can customize your own strength, magic, and weapons in a free world before battle, and when you reach battle points, you can change your customization settings during the battle.
  • Non-stop Game Viewing
    • The flexible and expanded battle view allows you to enjoy the battle while watching the game from the viewpoint of your partner and observing the battle.
  • Customize Your Party
    • You can give tips that only you can give to your companions by typing a message with your fingers. Your companions can receive these messages via immediate messages.
    • You can change the names of your party members by choosing them


      Elden Ring Incl Product Key [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

      What’s New in Elden Ring Torrent Download (3.2.0)
      – Behold, be ushered into new world, the third version of the game.
      – A New Player Guide added in the character creation menu.

      – Clarified Class assignments.
      – Clarified the difficulty ratings of some classes.
      – Added a function of dropping old equipment.
      – Fixed a bug where the weapon of the class « Cleric » could not be found.
      – Fixed a bug where the class that played the magic « Wizard » was not saved when you created a new character.
      – Fixed a bug where the server would freeze when moving to a new place.
      – Other various small bugs fixed.
      – v3.1.0 Notes v3.2.0 Notes
      – The new book of the East and the West Alliance will be opened.
      – An NPC will appear in the desert town.
      – Advice on for new players to traverse the map will be added.

      Numerous bugs in the game such as bugs on level difficulty will be fixed.

      1. Bugs Fixed
      – When tapping on a container on the ground and interacting with it and the bug where the cursor would not move and disappear when tapping on the ground.
      – The area that could be traced by the cursor when working with the bag of holding.
      – The bug where the player could not move if tapping on a construction site on higher level maps.
      – The bug where an item obtained by dropping was also obtained by looting.
      – The bug where the inside of the map was not displayed when the player died.
      – The bug where the class of the characters that appeared when the player died could not be changed.
      – The bug where equipment could not be classified in the inventory when the class of the equipment was changed.
      – The bug where the dead item that was obtained by dropping could not be classified in the inventory.
      – The bug where the toolbar was not displayed when the player died.
      – The bug where the killed players could not be stored on the screen while the player was deceased.
      – The bug where the lives were not shown even though they were applied on the character.
      – The bug where the resolution could not be changed when connecting a device.
      – The bug where the player’s life regenerated after dying at the start of a round.
      – The bug where the equipment did not appear in the inventory.
      – The bug where the NPC’s


      Elden Ring Free


      ● The search and order to find a path of attack has been added for the skill « Lunatic Frenzy ».


      ● « Rock, Surf, and Score » has been improved.


      ● An issue with the « Mage’s Training » skill has been fixed.


      ● An issue with the « Night Elf Training » skill has been fixed.


      ● An issue with the « Stealth » skill has been fixed.


      ● An issue with the skill « Lunatic Frenzy » has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the name of the weapon UI was being displayed as « S » on the character name UI has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the UI wouldn’t change for skill points that were being obtained as rewards and the issue where the user interface wasn’t displaying the full UI of equipment were fixed.


      ● The issue where the UI couldn’t be opened after unlocking a branch has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the server was halting due to an unexpected error has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the character name couldn’t be displayed in the button UI has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the UI wasn’t displaying in the middle of the screen after waking up from the queue has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the full names of the characters couldn’t be displayed in the Character Creation screen has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the character name would flash when a message would appear has been fixed.


      ● The issue where the game would load normally in the testing version but not in the main version has been fixed.


      ● « Mage’s Training » has been added. « Profession Switch » has also been added to « Nagato’s Basics ».

      ● « Nagato’s Basics » has been added. « Stealth » has also been added to


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      22238Your magic is just enough170835You Need a New Adventure!

      Mon, 27 Mar 2019 18:06:55 +0000 fantasy action RPG.
      Become an (Angel) with Me.
      Do you have the ability to become that which you do not yet understand?
      From the empty fields to the deep dungeons and beyond.
      Experience a fantasy where you can create your own path.
      Breathe life into your brave new character with unparalleled freedom. Feel the powers of the Elden Ring in your heart.
      Now is the time!
      Your source of power: Destiny is in your hands. You may decide your fate as you seek your ideal path!

      Introducing the game “Mage of the Next Era”!
      Return to an era of fantasy where Might is power, and adventurers rid the world of monsters in order to make a name for themselves.
      As Magi that guard a constantly shifting world, you will find a variety of routes to follow.
      [New features] -Crowd-Parade: Multiplayer…[Walking dead]…and the living.
      Your parade is my parade!
      Will you recognize me?
      Master of these skies!
      Mage of the Next Era

      In this game, various quests must be completed in order to present the best outcome.
      In order to do so, our characters will battle, gather items, and learn new techniques.
      Moreover, your RPG experience will be enriched through an Item Crafting system you can enjoy together with others.
      [Create an Item: Abilities and Resources] Create an item that is the answer to your problem!
      Gorgeous […] Many additional features are planned.
      Cheer for the colors of magic!

      Q. Will there be a new story?
      A new story based


      Download Elden Ring [April-2022]

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      To play the game, you will need to activate the idpsu license key of the game:


      Call the Arinel / ELDRING number and get the product code of the game you purchased.

      You can get the code on the back of the box where the game’s name and developer is printed.

      Enter the code you received to the and download the ELDRING idpsu license key.

      Video tutorial:


      1. Start the game.
      2. Open windows menu and choose idpsu -> choose key.
      3. Enter the code given above to the IDPSU.COM.
      4. Click on the « Purchased » button.
      5. You will see the ELDRING license activation menu. Click on the « Install now » button to complete the activation.


      Activation instructions video tutorial:


      1. Download the game and install it
      2. Run the game.
      3. Open windows menu and choose idpsu -> choose key.
      4. Enter the code you received on the and download the ELDRING idpsu license key.
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      6. You will see the ELDRING license activation menu. Click on the « Install now » button to complete the activation.



      1. What is ELDEN RING?

      Elden Ring is an action fantasy role playing game developed by Ojsm in (Released: April 20, 2012). The game is available for Windows PCs only.

      2. What is the different between ELDEN RING and OJSM’s original game?

      The difference is Ojsm’s original


      How To Crack:

    • Click on the download button below
    • The setup file will automatically start downloading. After this, you will receive a « Setup Error » message, followed by a please restart the application message. Close or double-click on the « setup file » to restart the application (Restart the program instead of closing).
    • The Installer will start working. Please await instructions.
    • In the setup.exe file, double-click on the « Procedure Icon. »
    • You will have to restart the application after the game is installed. To do this, choose « Restart » in the Windows « Startup » configuration. You will be prompted to Restart the Game.
    • Double-click on the manifest file.
    • Click on the blue button « Start Game. »
    • OPTIONAL: You can upgrade from a Newer version of the game. Simply Right Click on both files (game and manifest) and select « Upgrade. »
    • Click on the « I accept the Terms of Use » and play
    • Log into the game and download an additional file. You can place this file in the Skyrim/Binaries directory. Using game select and the « Select Files » button, locate and select the file. The play version will be added to the directory. To update the current version of the game, select « Update » for the « .bin » files. Once you are finished updating « bin », save game and uncheck it before starting Game.

    download page


    System Requirements:

    SteamOS 0.9.2 or higher
    Mouse – xbox 360 USB gamepad
    Keyboard – Steam Controller
    Controller – Steam Controller (no effect)
    Mouse – xbox 360 wireless controller (xbox360 wireless mouse not included)
    Keyboard – Keyboard of choice
    Controller – Controller of choice
    Resolution – HD 1280×720
    Audio – Stereo
    The final release version of
    Pole Position
    is now available on Steam and will be activated on your Steam client as soon


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