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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
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Rating 4.35 / 5 ( 2678 votes )
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« The Lands Between » is a fantasy RPG developed by Access Games in collaboration with DMM Games.
The game was developed using the Snowdrop engine, developed by Access Games in collaboration with Storm Studios and Snowdrop Games.


Features Key:

  • Refreshing Action RPG
    Appropriate for beginners and advanced players alike. The game offers action such as combat, using magic, visiting villages, and parties. In addition, it supports improved graphics and an extensive multiplayer function. The game has countless dimensions and free-form elements that will satisfy players of all levels.
  • World of Magic and Music
    The game is a fantasy world born from the music of middle-eastern and eastern cultures. The music is reflected in the atmosphere and is responsible for fueling the desire to continuously explore and discover. In addition, many of the characters in the game have collaborated with the music composers.
  • Immersive and Dynamic Online World
    In addition to multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together, the game supports a unique asynchronous online element that allows you to feel the presence of others.
  • Free Form, Fast-paced Games
    The game will not require preparation beforehand, with the aim of a fun, free-form online gameplay mode. Moreover, it supports various background stories, allowing for a lengthier gameplay experience. Additionally, it is possible to freely combine weapons, magic, and armor.

    Elden Ring development Background

    The fantasy action RPG, Tarnished, developed by Monstars, was released in Japan on February 20, 2017. The title is a spiritual successor to Akai Hitman. It features all previously published material and as well as a series of notable features of Akai Hitman 2, such as the cooperative party system and free-form gameplay.
    In this title, players explore the world while meeting player characters, strengthen skills, use weapons, and acquire magic. In addition, this title is designed around a Multidimensional, Free-form, Action RPG. With this concept, one can envision and enjoy a variety of experiences, immersed within an engrossing gameplay that is free from pre-established parameters.
    Furthermore, this title will implement exciting and epic world events occurring in the Lands Between that has a huge number of simultaneous actions that create a vast fantasy drama.


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    Elden Ring Keygen Full Version Free [Win/Mac]

    Network connectivity is supported for all games, including all the online features.

    – Asynchronous online play

    – Battle with your friends online

    – Multiplayer world sharing

    – Voice chat

    – Automatic text chat (single or multiplayer)

    – Voice chatting

    – Team roster creation

    – Invite friend functionality

    – Join a party or guild

    – Create a guild

    – View guild roster

    – Global chat

    – Talk in a party chat

    – Notification of event invitations

    – Notification of permanent party status

    – User management

    – Add/Remove/edit characters

    – Character creation

    – Character customizations

    – Character skills and attributes customization

    – Character items

    – Character titles

    – Character jobs

    – Character personal messages

    – Trade with other players

    – Group battles

    – Party chat in group battles

    [Message from the dev team]

    “I love Dynasty Warriors. I was always trying to make it more casual, and if you wanted to be hardcore you could. That all changed once « Warriors All-Stars » came out. I never thought to myself « I want to make a game that is like that ». I wanted to make my own games, my own universe, my own character.” -Director Ryu Hayabusa.

    The long awaited sequel to a legendary action RPG series, FF Online.
    “The series is super cool, and I think that there are quite a few nostalgic fans for the series as well. And now that it’s been quite a few years since « FF Online », I’m sure that there are many people who are looking forward to « FF Online 2 ».” -Director Ryu Hayabusa.

    By merging the most advanced technology with the series’ roots and using the power of the new Unreal Engine 3, we have worked to create the most beautiful, detailed, and immersive world yet in a game of this scale.
    Please have a look at this official teaser website.




    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    For more information about the game, please visit here.

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    OS: Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows 8/8.1 (32/64 bits)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad, AMD Radeon HD 6600 Series, Intel Core i5, Pentium G530, Pentium G620, Intel Core i7, AMD Athlon X2, AMD Phenom II X2, CPU M940, AMD Sempron 3400+
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Storage: free space ≥ 500 GB

    The Elden Ring game allows you to choose between English and Chinese language versions.

    English version:

    ● English and Chinese voice (70%)

    ● Highly optimized graphics (60%)

    ● Make your efforts bear fruit in a vast, beautiful world (90%)

    ● Original mood animation (100%)

    ● Dynamically differentiated battle system (100%)

    ● Customize your character and develop your own play style (100%)

    ● An epic drama born from a myth (100%)

    ● The new fantasy action RPG (100%)

    ● An original game created in the MMORPG genre (100%)

    ● The new fantasy action RPG (90%)

    ● An original game created in the MMORPG genre (100%)

    ● Interactive day and night, twenty-four-hours gameplay with a changing scenery (100%)

    ● An original fantasy game with a beautiful, detailed map (100%)

    ● Free-roaming and explor


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    Now to crack the game, click and hold Shift and select the installer, and then drag it to the Windows Program Entry, and press Enter:

    System Requirements:

    Please ensure that your operating system meets the minimum requirements:
    Supported Operating Systems:
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    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.35 / 5 ( 2678 votes )
    Update (3 days ago)


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