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Rg Mechanics Gta 5 Crackl

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view->getViewRect().x + 3);


new_node.setProperty(« n », row_index + 1);
new_node.setProperty(« r », node.getRect().y);

Nodes::doInsertNode(view, index, row_index, *node, new_node);

// final row
Node *node = Nodes::doCreateNode(view, rect.x, rect.y, 0,
rect.width, rect.height,
OBSTACLE_NONE, &node_rect);
RowNode *new_node = new RowNode(rect);

RowNode *child_node = Nodes::doCreateNode(view, rect.x + 1, rect.y, 0,
rect.width – 1, rect.height,


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