Huawei Unlock Code Calculator M150-2

Huawei Unlock Code Calculator M150-2



Huawei Unlock Code Calculator M150-2

we provide you with the easiest and the most affordable way to unlock your huawei device. this is why the huawei modem unlocker tool has been in demand for more than the past years. also, the tool is user-friendly so you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

the huawei modem unlocker is very easy to use because it is user-friendly and has a simple interface, it is very easy to use. in fact, you can use this tool in less than five minutes. you will also get your password within a short time. therefore, you can use the password that will work on other network providers, as long as it is the same used for your huawei. also, you can use this tool with any huawei phone or modem.

added unlimited unlock support for any huawei phone on verizon network or any network.

unlock phones:
huawei honor 903e (build: oct 30 2012 18:37:53)

unlock phones:
huawei ideos x5

unlock modems:
huawei softbank 005dz
huawei softbank 005hw
huawei 005hj
huawei 005hl
huawei softbank 005hw

unlock modems:
huawei vodafone r210
huawei e5273
huawei e5278

unlock modems:
zte mf427
zte mf840

added huawei modems 3g unlock for mobilink dh1 (m4) and mobilink dh1 (d31) with security level cipher 128 and 128b and cipher 128a.

added support huawei modems:
x1-m2 & d-m2
x1-m7 & d-m7
x8-m0 & d-m0

added support :
for change to vodafonedh1 and domax modems: vodafone_k3816_01_cam.


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